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Hedging for Oil Producers

Many oil producing companies, perhaps yours included, are forced to use complex, slow and costly hedging strategies to secure oil prices - often making it impossible to react quickly to market movements.

This exposure can be totally avoided.

With our Commodity Lock solution, oil producers can secure the price they sell oil for using our fast, cost effective hedging solution.

It’s simple, customised hedging to mitigate your unwanted market risk.

You can:

  • Lock in your oil sales price for 3-36 months
  • Benefit from a quick, simple service tailored to your needs
  • Remove uncertainty in the price of your oil
  • Start small as proof of how effective it is

Commodity Lock is a one-of-a-kind, specialist hedging tool offering UK companies budget security by fixing oil sales prices with no change to current contracts.

Foenix Partners is an FCA registered company.

Foenix Partners specialises in providing commodity hedging and currency solutions to UK companies and individuals with international business. We also hold a specialist FCA license to provide commodities fuel and oil product hedging for UK businesses. In a volatile and uncertain market, our success is founded on simplicity and expertise.

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If you’re new to hedging and want to understand more about how it works to protect your profit margins, including pricing and payment details, see our complete guide to ‘The What, Why & How of Hedging’.

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