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Metals Hedging

Enhance your profitability with risk management and hedging for ferrous, base and precious metals.

Price fluctuations in these markets are inevitable. Your financial risk is not.

Our expert team has considerable experience supporting the UK metals supply chain at every stage, from miners and smelters to manufacturers and end users.

We’re uniquely able to help you mitigate volatile price changes through access to hedging solutions previously reserved for a limited segment of the market.

We represent our customers’ interests in the global markets and ‘back out’ risk onto global pools of liquidity, never taking the opposite side of the trade to our clients.

You’ll benefit from:

  • Ability to manage cash flow & protect profitability
  • Bespoke, customisable risk management
  • Exclusive access to:
    • Wide range of hedging tools
    • Global wholesale derivatives markets and liquidity
    • All major exchanges and counterparties


Whether you’re a constructor, smelter, fabricator, producer or miner – or indeed any other market participant – we have a commodity price risk management solution to fit your needs, covering the entire Ferrous complex. Including (but not limited to): rebar, HRC, scrap and iron ore.

We also offer a wide range of regional and tailored specification products to effectively manage your price risk and help stabilise your cash flow.

Base and Non-Ferrous

Benefit from a custom-built hedging solution based on everything from widely used materials (e.g. copper and aluminium) to more specific manufacturing materials (e.g. molybdenum or lithium).

In addition to those mentioned above, coverage includes (but is not limited to): lead, tin, nickel, zinc, alumina and cobalt.


The precious metals markets have never been more volatile or complicated.
With our unique hedging solutions, you’ll be able to manage your precious metals price risk and protect your profitability.

We offer comprehensive coverage and financial management solutions across the precious metal spectrum, including (but not limited to): gold, silver, platinum and palladium.

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