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Oil & Fuel update – 5th December

As of Monday morning, Brent Crude was priced at $77.74 per barrel. Differing opinions exist regarding the potential trajectory of oil prices post the OPEC+ meeting.

Oil & Fuel update – 23rd October

As markets opened on Monday morning, Brent Crude was trading at $91.81 per barrel. This is in stark contrast to earlier forecasts, which had predicted a Q4 2023 price of $85 per barrel, as suggested by banks like JP Morgan earlier this year.

Oil & Fuel update – 18 September

Monday morning presented a 0.64% move higher for Oil from close of play on Friday, as the price per barrel for Brent Crude was trading at $94.49 per barrel, once again reinforcing the impact of last weeks spike due to a Weaker USD, working in tandem to global supply cuts of Oil and a fall in global Inventories.

Oil & Fuel update – 21 August

The past week presented some price stability for oil , hovering around $85/bbl. Despite the lack of price movement this is still considerably higher than the lows of $71 at…

Oil & Fuel update – 17 July

Since June 28th of this year, the Brent Crude Market has seen a consistent increase in price per barrel for oil, increasing 8.4% in this time frame from circa $72/barrel to around $78 a barrel, whilst breaking the $80 mark late last week for the first time since May of this year.