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Oil & Fuel update – 11th December

The RAC is still warning that consumers of Diesel are being ripped off, with forecourt margins still not reflecting the falls in wholesale prices.

Oil & Fuel update – 27th November

The markets are looking to see whether Saudi will extend its 1 million barrel a day output to the end of 2023 and the impact this may have on prices as we move into 2024.

Oil & Fuel update – 25 September

A series of economic data released in the US and China in recent weeks has signalled stronger performance in the world’s two largest economies and raised forecasts for oil demand.

Metals Update – 31 July

At the end of last week, various nonferrous metals saw positive price action. Copper, in particular, was set to experience a weekly gain.

Metals Update – 17 July

Last week, the Non-Ferrous Market experienced major bullish sentiment on the back of a very optimistic drop in US inflation numbers. Aluminium and zinc prices are set to achieve their most significant weekly gain since January this year, driven by a resultant weaker dollar that has made metals priced in USD more affordable for holders of European Currencies. The most notable movement in currency rates was that of GBPUSD, which saw highs of 1.31 in late trading last week.

Metals Update – 26 June

The Copper Monthly Metals Index (MMI) experienced a 4.3% decline from May to June, displaying short-term volatility in the average copper price. At the beginning of…

Metals Update – 19 June

LME copper prices continued a three-week rally last week, as risk-on sentiment started to roll back into markets on the back of increasing odds of rate hike pauses by the US Federal Reserve and some Chinese Monetary Stimulus news.

Metals Update – 7 June

Last week, copper prices retreated towards a six-month low after the release of data indicating a more significant decline in China’s factory activity in May than initially expected. China’s factory activity serves as a crucial indicator for the global consumption of copper, making it an important gauge of global economic health.

Metals Update – 25 May

Industrial & Precious markets are watching key events coming out of the US, as Eurozone and Chinese weakening economic indicators act as a catalyst for an already dangerous turning point in the US economy. While fears of further rate hikes did act as a drag on Industrial Metals for the last few months, the added factor of the US Debt Ceiling has also become a significant event that could test Global Markets across all Asset Classes in the coming weeks.  

Metals Update – 4 May

Russian gold has suffered from the reluctance of Western buyers, who have been avoiding it due to Moscow’s invasion of Ukraine. This shift has led sellers to seek out new buyers in different locations such as the United Arab Emirates, Hong Kong, and Turkey.